Raeleon Cluster Privateers

Session 1

Escape from Lemuria-4a

The crew of the Stella Lupis successfully evacuated the Hala-Yu Naval Yard on Lemuria-4a and made their way undetected out past the last planet of the Lemuria system, only to be pinged by the active sensors of a Commonality System Patrol Boat. A chase ensues, however the Commonality vessel has an advantageous starting position and Stella Lupis is unable to reach the n/2 limit without engaging the patrol boat. A boarding action ensues and the crew’s marines overwhelm the automated forces of the patrol boat.

The patrol boat is captured and it’s synthetic intelligence killed. It was then stripped of usable parts and scuttled before Stella Lupis sneaked off into the oort cloud so the crew could make their rendezvous. Supplies and evacuated personnel were unloaded, new supplies were taken on, and the crew received an encrypted download with their next set of orders.



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