Raeleon Cluster

A cluster containing over a dozen inhabited systems who received advanced warning (approx 50 years ago) and examples of planing engines from a rogue mindjammer dedicated to stopping what it sees as the madness of the commonality from spreading. After a long, bloody conflict (which was prolonged by the higher priority of conflict with the Venu) the Commonality finally won and imposed quarantines on the defeated systems. The Raeleon Aliance Navy, a rag-tag force of starships said to be lead by the rogue mindjammer Glory, retreated during a critical battle and in doing so doomed the local forces. Why they fled, and where to, is unknown and widely speculated upon.

Unlike the 2space forces, the stl militaries largely fought fiercely against Space Force and in their defeat significant damage was done to local infrastructure, and the environments of many planets were seriously damaged. The result is widespread shortages on everything from luxuries to necessities, a cessation of trade between worlds as necessitated by commonality quarantine and embargo, and the willingness of the commonality to use these shortages to manipulate local populations has resulted in widespread privation in the form of starvation and exposure. Commonality intervention in many areas is sufficient only to prevent widespread deaths, and in some areas not even that.

Possible Aspects:
Embargoes and Quarantines encourage smugglers
We lost when our fleet fled the field at Nala-9
The commonality says there are no secret rebel forces
The bitter taste of occupation
Tension on the Venu border could weaken local space-force presence
SCI force employs mind control
Accept the Commonality or starve


Raeleon Cluster

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