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  • Cybond

    Sort of future velcro, only with a smooth (to the naked eye) surface. Cybond is composed of a matrix of molecular hooks which engage or disengage when a control trigger is received (usually either an electrical signal or sufficient pressure). Cybond …

  • Interface Multitool

    The commonality may have every credit chip and toothpick hooked up to the mindscape, but even the most sophisticated of the Raeleon systems have yet to reach this level of integration. Instead, mindscape-enabled Raeleons use a simple hand-held tool with a …

  • Parasite Pilot

    A portable eidolon with, at the very least, 2pilot capacity (often much more) which can be interfaced with a planeship when it's built-in intelligence is malfunctioning or non-compliant (or destroyed). Parasite Pilots have a variety of legitimate uses, …

  • Technology

    [[Cybond | Cybond]] Super Space Velcro (bonds stronger than steel) [[Interface Multitool | Interface Multitool]] Because not everything can be hooked up to the mindscape. [[Parasite Pilot | Parasite Pilot]] Portable 2pilot for all occasions.

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