System of first contact with Glory. Doni are hominids who superficially human, albeit unnaturally beautiful and graceful. Each Donis is a near-perfect physical specimen… again, in appearance. In truth they are heavily genurgically modified and their internal workings are at most somewhat similar to those of a human.

Once an artificial utopia in which sub-sentient computers and robots provided for every physical need, leaving the population to pursue art and pleasure. When the presumably infallable self-repairing systems did finally fail, the Doni were forced to learn to survive, and eventually to control the remains of technology left by their ancestors.

At the time of contact the Donis system was ruled by a cruel and ruthless dictator and possessed limited space-based industry. Though they have a tech level capable of it, the Doni eschew the use of automation where possible… they use slave labor instead.

Despite this, they have no particular aversion toward people who do use automation, and most have no trouble seeing eidolons as people.


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