Prior to contact by Glory, each system of the Raeleon Cluster had it’s own calendar based on the local year, and generally zeroed on the date of the colony’s founding. As many of the Raeleon Cluster polities began the project of creating a coordinated 2space navy, they quickly found the need for a common calendar. To avoid favoritism to any one system, an arbitrary base-10 calendar was created. Though originally used only by allied 2space forces, MilCal has become the de-facto standard for spacers and interstellar commerce.

The year zero is the year of contact with Glory, time is divided into 10 hour shifts, there are 10 shifts in a week, 10 weeks in a month, and 10 months in a year. The result is a 10,000 hour year, as opposed to the earth-standard 8,769.6. In other words, close enough.

Two shifts is informally referred to as a day, and on most ships and stations the lights are dimmed during odd (“night”) shifts to help maintain diurnal rhythms in organic crew-members.

MilCal dates are formated yy.mws.h:mm:ss


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