K-type star with 7 planetary bodies and an asteroid belt

The Lemurian government surrendered shortly after the loss at Nala-9 and as a result has not been dismantled to the level shown with other local governments. Lemurians have, therefore, gained a reputation as collaborators and pro-commonality scum. This is only somewhat true.

Lemurians benefited from some historical genurgic modification to permit them to survive on the local biosphere. The result has given their skin a slightly blueish cast, though they otherwise resemble commonality humans. Many in the upper cast have received mindscape implants.


Better to live and fight another day
The mindscape is mind-boggling
You don’t need gills to live on a water world
Commonality culture is a high price to pay for commonality tech


Lemuria-4 (asteroid belt)
Lemuria-5 Gas Giant (think jupiter, lots of moons)
Lemuria-6 Gas Giant
Lemuria-7 Gas Giant
Lemuria-8 Binary ice planets


The Lemurian Republic has been only nominally assimilated into the commonality and as such retains a largely democratic government and culture. This is tolerated by SCI-force as a necessary stage of integration and they permit the illusion of free elections. In practice each election is carefully manipulated and, if necessary, the results forged to prevent undesirables from coming into power.


Lemurian culture is largely influenced by the fact that the system’s only habitable world, Lemuria-2, is a near-total water world with most “land” the result of giant floating islands composed either of vegitation (mostly naturally occuring), or artificially construction. Often a combination of the two as Lemurians live in relative harmony with their environment.

Though many modern Lemurians enjoy access to the mindscape since the occupation, others shun commonality technology and prefer to use what remains of the system Matrix (though many parts of it have been dismantled, and what remains all passes through commonality-controlled hubs). Even with pre-commonality technology, however, virtual reality, holo-movies, and other cliches of future media are common place.

Pre-commonality technologies include a system Matrix which users connect to by way of a medium (usually a headset with wireless connection) and a neural implant, eidolon intelligence (though only by way of Glory), a variety of cybernetic and genurgic enhancement technologies (some Lemurians do have gills), as well as sophisticated military technology including null cannons, space combat drones, and ground combat systems for a variety of environments.


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